“Time is running too fast”, I was able to realized it just a few hours ago while looking in my planner to check if I’m available to attend one of my high school friend’s debut. It’s already August 26, 2009 and I can’t imagine that in a few months from now I will be 19, that will be the last year of my teenage life and I consider it a disaster. I’m still young but I can see now that everything arounds me are altering. Things around me are changing little by little as I contrast it from the past when I was a child enjoying to play with my barbie dolls and stuffed toys. I’m getting older and older each day and I don’t think if I’m disappointed about it. Having a profession, making a job, meeting the one whom God created for you to have and having a children with that person can make this part of life more gratifying to look forward to.

“Facing the Sunset” is one of the life’s hardest thing to look at. But with a God in your life and a companion at your side can make it more pleasurable to stand for.