I just finished reading the book of Anne Graham Lotz’ “Just Give Me Jesus” and I just realized how blessed I am in having Jesus in my life.

Often we see the things that we don’t even have, always not contented because everytime we felt lackness, we still longs for more. At first, I thought “having Jesus in my life” is isn’t enough, I need the world for me to enjoy life. How can this life be enjoyable with just having Jesus? nonsense. BUT THAT WAS WRONG. I can’t actually live without Him, everything would be empty, my life would be empty. There are times when I felt like I was so far from Him, I think that would just be fine but it really isn’t. NOONE AND NOTHING CAN EVER FILL THE SPACES IN OUR HEART THAT IS MADE ESPECIALLY FOR HIM. Even if you have the most stable economic status, lots of friends, a happy family but doesn’t have JESUS in your life, IT IS MEANINGLESS.