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Prompt#1: On any gift-giving occasion, what sort of gift (clothes? gadgets? toys? books?) do you always look forward to? Why?

Honestly speaking, my eyes sparks whenever I hear something about gift-giving. I love gifts, knowing also that my primary love language is gift giving, and that’s how I express my love to others and how I feel loved by others. I’m not being materialistic, it’s just that I appreciate every little thing even if it’s just a simple letter or a little keychain.

Below is the list of gifts I love to receive the most in any occasion

a self-made photo album – I appreciate it the most whenever someone put an effort to make me happy. Though digital photo albums are the one that is so popular today, still for me nothing can beat real photo albums in cherishing memories, it’s an epic.

a letter – Believe it or not I’m still keeping all the letters that I received from highschool until now. I just love reading those letters over and over again as times goes by. That those words written in those letters are truly from their heart (i hope so, hehe).

a book – I have a lot of books already but since I’m planning to build my own little library in the future, I want to have more. I also love to read books specially inspirational and Bible-based books because there’s just so many things that I need to understand and I need some perceptions from mature people.

chocolates (i don’t care about the brand) – I find it really sweet when someone gave me chocolate (it’s not just about the courting stuff) and I don’t know why, maybe because I just love eating chocolates and it makes me happy.

As of now, I feel so blessed with whatever I have and I feel like I already have everything. Nothing I can ever ask for more because God have already given me the most precious Gift (JESUS) that I could have in my life. The enjoyment that I could experience in having those material possessions are just a little piece of what I’m going to have in the place He prepared for me 😀


So this is day 4, honestly until now I’m still having difficulty in reminding myself every hour to feel God’s presence since I don’t have a watch that beeps every hour but I’m still trying. I made a lot of post-it to remind me every hour that I need to feel God’s presence and to pray also. I also made this picture on my phone’s wallpaper since I always have my phone with me and I’m always looking at it time to time.

I just realized the importance of constant communication with God in order for us to have a close relationship with Him, just like any other relationship. Maintaining a relationship really needs an effort, you can’t just sit there and wait until you feel better to put back the closeness again. It needs an effort or a little sacrifice also.

This morning, upon reminding myself that I have my 60-60, I can sense that there’s something wrong in me and I just can’t understand it. Then, I realized maybe that could be an unconfessed sin or there is still something I must give up but all I know that I want is to be free from it. I feel much better now, what I just need to do is to unload everything to Him ( I just realized).

As I continue my 60-60 experiment, I learn how to appreciate God’s presence with me as I come to Him in every (even simple) decisions in my life every moment, thinking if it’ll going to please Him or not.

I feel so lazy to attend the church service today because it’s raining and it’s just not safe, but then as I acknowledge His presence I ask myself (I don’t know if it was me or His Spirit within) Would you think God will be pleased by your decision? Can you give me an excused reason why you don’t want to attend church service today? The scenario in my head was so simple but then I can see how this 60-60 experiment works. It’s definitely seeking His face first before acting out.

This day is great, I can’t wait for tomorrow. 🙂


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