I’m having problem with myself and I’m actually skipping what I need to do. Honestly, my 60-60 experiment is failing and I’m really having a hard time maintaining it. It isn’t good, I know. I just prayed a while ago about it, I asked God if I’m going to continue that idea or not and I know His answer is YES, I must continue it. So, I’m going back here again. Truly, maintaining relationship requires effort and willingness. At this time, what my heart really desire is to draw closer to God but it doesn’t just end in that desire, I must work on it. I need to open my heart. Right now, I don’t want to depend on my own effort in maintaining my constant communication with God each moment but through His grace, besides I can’t do it alone.

Apart from the remaining days of my 60-60 experiment, I hope I can do it in a lifetime. The feeling while resting in His presence in times of busy hours is just amazing, I realized. That’s the only place where I could find peace, where I could dwell all my worries. Considering Him in every decisions that I’m going to have can make a miracle in my everyday life as I see Him work in every area of me. I’m really hoping not to fail this time, God is good and I know I can do it through His grace and with my faith in Him.