Prompt#3: In light of the nearing All Saints’ Day, I’d like to know what death means to you. How do you view death?

What comes to my mind everytime I’m hearing the word DEATH, is simply the absence of life. Before I become a Christian, I have no idea what is waiting for me the moment I reach that stage. What I’m thinking is, I don’t want to be placed in that box and I don’t wanna see my earthly body being moldy or rotten. But I need to accept the fact that I will surely come to that stage of life, the only difference is that now I am convinced that life doesn’t end there but just the  beginning of new life with God in His Kingdom.

Being a nurse, I’ve able to witness death so many times, able to see people suffer from pain, see people mourn. Death can really be painful for some, I can’t blame them but I think they should know more, that there’s gonna be more to life.

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. -Philippians 1:21

Either to live or to die, we got nothing to lose because Jesus have already given us everything to gain.