Do not make any gods to be alongside me; do not make for yourselves gods of silver or gods of golds. Exodus 20:23

It is clearly stated, God doesn’t want us to have any other gods in our lives. If we are committing more times with a certain kind of thing or person than our time with God (like praying, devotions, thoughts, attending church service ahd studying His Words), it’s time for us to assess ourselves, Our we already building some little gods in our lives?
I feel so guilty about this. Though I’m not literally worshipping statues or gods, there are times wherein, I’m setting aside God before worldly stuff and I think that kind is just the same thing with the other. Our priority in life determines what or to whom we are living for. So let it be, through God’s grace, do everything for the glory of Him and for Him. Those things (or can be person)that we have right now are gifts from God but let’s still focus on Him. Let His blessing gives us joy in our heart but not more than the joy that we can feel in His presence.