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A year ago, I got inspired by one of online articles of Candy magazines about writing a letter for the future you. I find it really weird but still I tried it. Upon evaluating my 2013 goals, I found a sealed page after and it was there. I found the letter from the past me. I can’t help but smile, I just received an encouraging letter from the past me, things that was almost forgotten.

January 13, 2013
Dear Future Sunshine,
Hey, you just turned 23. How was the whole year? Have you able to evaluate  your year’s resolutions  and goals? While reading this, I’m hoping that you have able to achieved  all your plans for this year. Well, if you haven’t , maybe God has a better plan. Don’t be disappointed if those things that you want didn’t work out, rather be thankful for everything God have done for you. You may have faced failures throughout  your journey but I know how strong you are and how strong your God is. Every fall, I know you would be able to stand up and prove that there is nothing and noone is bigger than our God.

I don’t know what are you feeling right  now . I’m just hoping that while you’re reading this letter, you are smiling. Honestly, you are beautiful when you are smiling. Have you able to enjoy this year? Is this year had been fair to you? If yes, that’s good. If no, I’m hoping that you would be able to look further and see God’s goodness in everything.

Are you still single right now ? That’s good. You’re still young , don’t be disappointed rather use that opportunity to serve God and to strengthen your relationship with Him. Waiting for the “Right One” can never be overrated. Everything that is worth having is always a worth waiting. God will give  the right one in His perfect time.

CONGRATULATIONS SUNSHINE!!! you have able to passed all the obstacles in your life with the help of our God. Just the fact that you are now reading this letter, you are a winner!! There’s no point in regretting for the things that you wished you have done and things you wished you never did. Move on…make it a life lesson and never forget what it taught you.

Happy New Year!! Make your year awesome like it has always been.

God bless you, Sunshine and may Jesus’ love stays in your heart forever . ❤

Love lots,
Sunshine from the past

P.S. continue to stay POSITIVE!

I just realized that sometimes you can really be your own encouragement despite of all the things that happened – failures, fall down, unfaithfulness  etc., God is always up for something.

I have decided to do it every year, just to remind myself that I did a great job and nothing is ever wasted. Everything is for God’s glory.




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